Key Note Session Abstracts

Roy Campbell, from International Teams, Canada. Over the years, Roy has come to the realization that technology, in and of itself, is meaningless. As a result, Roy’s mantra is to only do technical work that will either build a relationship or help marginalized people. Roy is an avid seeker and follower of Christ, husband to Caro, and father to Natalie and Jamie. In his spare time, he likes to play hockey as well as Crokinole, Carcassonne, and other board games.

The following is a summary of his three Key Note sessions ate the conference

Session 1

God’s vision of Poverty

First of all, what is Poverty?

Even before that, what makes me think I can declare what God’s vision of poverty is?

We then want to take a high level look at two theologies.

The first, on Poverty, What it is, Why it exists, What is God’s role?

The second, on Technology with again asking the questions, What is it, Why does it exist, and What is God’s role?

And then we want to see if we can bring them together (that will likely take sessions 2 and 3) :-)

Session 2

Christ’s working with the impoverished / marginalized.

What does Christ say about poverty?

How does Christ engage with the poor in his culture?

We will also examine the similarities and differences between physical and spiritual poverty?

Finally we will take a look at what the implications are for us as we engage Christs teachings and example on dealing with poverty – specifically with a bent towards technology.

Session 3

The Holy Spirit’s empowering of Christ Followers as we work with the marginalized in society.

In this session, we will take a look at what different types of poverty exist in our societies.

Where does technology interact with poverty (both positively and negatively).

And how can we engage in a way that raises awareness of God’s compassion for the poor.

We will also look at how engaging with the poor informs us and those around us of the good news of Christ.

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