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ICCM Australia 2012 Keynote Speaker notes – Richard Daniel

Richard Daniel is a Director of CVC (Christian Vision Communications) and helping to market their new product called yesHEis.com. Richard had a great job, house etc but in 1988 he felt he needed to answer the question: What are you doing for God? He decided to buy some radio transmitters in 1990 and has been involved with CVC since.

CVC’s vision is to introduce people to Jesus and encourage those who acknowledge him, to accept him as the Son of God and become his true followers.

Richard was sharing with the delegates at ICCM (a conference for people working with technology in mission organisations, this year hosted by MAF in Cairns Australia) that social networks are impacting the world. Technology has shifted from the editors and publishers being in control to the end people (individuals) us. Not since the 1930’s has there been a tool that could reach masses of people like social networks can, therefore our missionary marketing needs to adjust to new line of thinking and operating.

Richard’s main theme was CHANGE and how CVC has been through massive changes. Originally they were completely radio but now they have got rid of most transmitters and changed to social media. This change was compared to say MAF driving buses instead of flying planes. Because of the way things change, Richard predicts that in 4 years some popular social networks will be gone because something better will replace it. For some change is something they love, for others it’s a stress and nuisance but change must happen. Richard says for any ministry to last change must happen. When something becomes stale it no longer has the greatest impact.

Are our ministries in total control of the future? Being out of control is no reason to panic; being out of control takes your reliance away from self and puts it onto God. The challenge is to think differently! Change does not happen when we think, “we have always done it this why, so why change?” or “our organisations doesn’t have an attitude of creativity and change” or “there are too many rules and sacred cows in our organisation stopping change”

YesHEis.com is a tool for communicating the gospel. It can be embedded into personal websites, is available via android and IOS apps. It is a website containing the best of the best short videos.

Importantly ‘Ministry is not a solo gig’. We must work hand in hand with each other. We must take time to seek God so that we can do a better Job. ½ a day a week, just take an afternoon with God. It’s worthwhile and rewarding. If everyone did this organisations would be so much better.

It’s a hard question but one everyone must answer: Why are we doing what we are doing? Are we wasting our time? Are we working on the right things and moving in the right direction?

As well as change, communications is extremely important. Building the brand and the story is vital! For example Starbucks sells the experience never the advertising the coffee. Our organisations must share the story in unique and different ways; otherwise we will loose the support.

The story of life is often like this: (How do we avoid this happening?)

  1. Revolution: The idea begins
  2. Creation: The idea is developed and planned
  3. Allocation: Specifics and who does what are put into place.
  4. Crystallization: Eventually things become boring, its all the same because there is no change
  5. Secularization: There is a split, a divorce, the business is closed.

People don’t succeed for various reasons, such as lack of motivation or knowledge. The challenge is to not lose motivation. We must all enjoy the journey! Are we spending too much time rowing when we should just enjoy the wind for a bit? If you don’t enjoy the journey, you will not enjoy what you are doing now.

In summary the 3 sessions were very encouraging and challenging. Everyone must embrace change and have an open heart and mind to know what God wants next. Sometimes it means just continuing on the way we are, other times it means change. God is still with us every step of the way though, even if we need to change.

The challenge for each organisation is to remain fresh, alive and making a difference for the kingdom of God. People with passion can change the world for good and for ever.


Announcing ICCM Australia 2012 Keynote Speaker – Richard Daniel

ICCM AU 2012 KeynoteRichard Daniel began his media career in 1977, moving into radio directly after finishing his school days. In the next 30 years he has been a radio announcer at several stations, program manager, sales manager and Station Manager.

Several years ago Richard and his wife Julie purchase 2 radio stations in NSW and managed the stations as well as owning them. Owning a couple of smaller stations meant that Richard had to learn everything about the operation, so his technical ability increased so that he could solve most problems thrown at him especially when we had not much of a budget to buy new gear.In 2002 he moved with his family to Maroochydore to help manage and establish an International Christian Shortwave Radio complex called CVC.

For 8 years CVC broadcasted in 3 languages to a potential audience of 3 billion people. CVC took over the old Radio Australia broadcast transmission equipment located in Darwin. As shortwave decreased in popularity, CVC made some huge changes, shutting down all radio and moving into new media, producing short videos designed to share your faith on social networks.

This was a big change for the organisation and the lessons learnt in taking a staff of 58 into new areas was difficult but exciting. Today Richard is a Director of CVC and helping to market their new product called yesHEis.com. He looks forward to sharing how to make changes in an organisation, how to move forward without leaving others behind, how to technically adjust in a changing world and how to serve better in a Christian organisation.

Topics for the talks will be along these lines….

  • When the world is changing and you know your organisation has to move with it, how do you make the changes and keep everyone happy.
  • How do you sell your ideas yet keep peace in the building and stability in the work force.
  • How do you tell some one they don’t fit any more in a Christian organisation and how do you encourage people to change, move forward while you and others around you are making mistakes in a new media. Its a challenge, yet if you have to embrace it some times you have to bite the bullet.

These are some of the discussion points covered in several sessions by Richard. It will be fun… but get ready for some home truths that may be confronting.

Speakers ICCM-AU 2012

We are in the process of seeking Keynote and conference speakers for ICCMAU12 October 8-11.  If you have any speakers to suggest or topics we can find speakers for then contact us now.

Idea starters:

  • did you do anything cool in IT this year that you want to tell the ICCM crowd about?
  • do you have some technologies that people keep asking you about that you would rather share one time?
  • How are you building websites differently today?
  • How do you track your hardware and software licenses?
  • How do you manage and support mobile devices?
  • What cloud technologies are you using or avoiding?
  • What hardware are you favouring?
  • What are the killer mobile apps for Christians in the field?
  • How do you manage security issues?
  • How do you work with globally scattered teams?
  • What technologies have you dropped in the past year? Why?
  • What do you think the missions tech world will look like in 10 years?
  • What are the keys to managing an IT Team?
  • Are there new processes in your IT group that really make a difference?
  • What’s different about your mission today vs 3-5 years ago? How do  you think your mission will change in the next 3-5 years? How will you support that change from an IT POV?
  • What advice would you give to a young person right out of Bible college or university entering missions IT?