ICCM Conferences

The continuing advances of Technology always makes life interesting for technologists and managers of technology working in Christian missions.  We support people in developed and developing countries using technology for work and ministry.  In one breath we go from supporting high speed internet access on the latest iOS device to dealing with power issues for mobile phone users in the Papua New Guinean jungle.  Such a range of interesting and challenging issues to be a support for.

This community comes together each year at ICCM Australia to learn from each other, share what we’ve learned during the year and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus Christ.

ICCM Australia focuses on building a community of relationships, providing a relaxed forum for people to meet personally and to share ideas, opportunities and experiences, information and expertise, to help us all better use our God-given gifts and skills in His service.

Our focus is on the community of people working with technology in Christian missions, be they business managers, novices, or technical specialists. Who are we? What have we accomplished this year? What can we learn from each other, to work more effectively in the year to come? What do we need to know about advances in technology and mission computing opportunities?

ICCM Australia is an incredible time of Christian fellowship and professional training and networking among people with technical or technical management or business management responsibilities and interest in missions!

Previous ICCM Conferences

  • 2000 April 14-17, Melbourne
  • 2001 April 24-25, Melbourne
  • 2008 February, Sydney
  • 2009 February 10-12, Sydney
  • 2010 October 12-14, Melbourne
  • 2011 October 11-13, Melbourne
  • 2012 October 8-11, Cairns
  • 2013 October 23-26, Sydney
  • 2015 October 26-29, Cairns